Rave Reviews Book Club (#RRBC)
The Club that makes a writer, and a starter feel like a winner!

My meeting with the Rave Reviews Book Club started by chance. After publishing my first book, I relied solely on my friends and family to read, review, and post their reviews on the on-line stores where they bought their copies. I didn’t know what else to do beyond that.

Then I published my second book. This time, I decided to go looking for help in getting the words out. It was during this search that I came across the RRBC, and a couple of other sites of writers’ forums. Of all the ones I researched, RRBC was only one stood out. It was the answer I received from Nonnie, founder of the RRBC that peeked my interest.

My question for Nonnie was, “Do you charge for your reviews, and if you do, how much?”

The answer came back almost immediately. “No, we do not charge for our reviews. As a member, you read and review your co-member’s books, and they do the same with your books.” And she invited me to join and try it out. To tell the truth, I did not believe that such a thing existed, because all the other forums that answered my query had one twist or another about their service, you heard me, service.

I joined any way, and my first shock came the day after my joining. I was inundated with an outburst of welcomes, from people I didn’t know or ever met, who were simply happy that I joined their group. I ticked that, inwardly, as a plus. Then I started reading and reviewing, not much tweeting. I didn’t know how. It took me only one week as a member before I was taught how to engage with others on line. Thank you Nonnie Jules, Shirley Slaughter, and Harmony Kent for initiating me, first into the group, and then about how to navigate the group and the outside world.

Since then, I have experienced the most wonderful support that I never envisioned. I was looking for something small, just enough to get along, and I landed myself into something huge, that has launched me and my writing into a circle wider than my wildest dreams. Thank you my fellow RRBC members. You all are the best! Since joining, I have come across some extraordinary reads that can pass as “Best Sellers,” and have had conversations, and help from people I could never have met in my life. Thank you again RRBC authors.

I just want you all to know that to date, I have read and reviewed so many member books, and counting, mostly because I love reading, but also because these books are readily assessable. So, I fill my Kindle with them. I don’t let any promo pass me by!

So far, I have been profiled in all ways possible. My first was when I won a spot on the shelf. As if that was not enough, I won the book of the month spot after that, and a member of the week to follow. I have been on the WillsPublishing book tour twice, and bracing for more. You may want to know that WillsPublishing has many wonderful services, at really bottom prices, and they do good job. I have also appeared on the #RBCBeyond the Cover radio blog show. One day I was listening to the “Author Scoop” Radio Talk when I heard my book being profiled. I started tweeting like mad. That is one show at which anything can happen. All of the above did not happen in one day. It took me some time before I started seeing the result of my hard work. And when it started, it rained.

Guys, it is true! RRBC is the place to profile, support, and promote, and you will receive the same treatment a hundred times over. They say that while you are pointing one finger away from yourself, four others are pointing back at you. Never tire from promoting others. Just remember, the more you do, the more it comes back to you. I thank you all.

For those of you who are not familiar with my own books, you can find them here:

http://goo.gl/V7wurb, http://goo.gl/QS8PKo
http://goo.gl/y6jv1X, http://goo.gl/up4B29

If you are not yet a member, please visit www.RaveReviewsBookClub.wordpress.com, to find out all about it.

9 thoughts on “WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR ME!

  1. Michael Hicks Thompson

    I’m posting the following on my web site blog.
    I’ve never been in an online book club like Nonnie Jules’ RAVEReviews. Nonnie has managed to pull a dedicated team together in order to give writers and readers a chance to exchange ideas, announce new novels worthy of anyone’s time, and weed out the ones that don’t cut the mustard. I salute her achievements.


  2. jinlobify Post author

    Hi D., what a good question. As Indie authors, reviewing a book with problems puts you in position to help the author. I will point out the shortcomings in the book, as well as the great points, if there are any, then I will leave the rest to the author. Your job as the reader is to say how you feel about the book. Mind you, no two readers feel the same way.
    I have had authors tell me to show them exactly where I found the problems, and my response has always been, that it is my place to tell them there are problems, and what kind of problems I came across. It is their responsibility to go back to their books, and make the corrections.


  3. D. Wallace Peach

    I really like these clubs and groups, but I’m wondering how you handle reviewing a book that needs work or that you simply don’t enjoy. That can be terribly awkward. I’d love to know how you handle that. Thanks 🙂


  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Joy you are a joy! I was delighted to be mentioned as I sometimes have a short memory on the things that I do in this club. I do know that you are one supportive member and that’s why you get so much in return. Its amazing how RRBC works isn’t it?



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