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Here is the latest Tweets from adam paul boustead (@APBoustead). I am a twin. I am blind. I am 32 years of age. Hanley

Mist Palace Hall One               Wizard Bound

Dragon Fireside Tales: The Dragon Chronicles

About the Author:    

Fictitious stories and poems are favorites among not only the children, but plenty of adult readers love to read about the mythical characters and their surrounding world. But not many writers have that natural imaginative capacity, which can capture the full attention of the readers and transport them mentally in that world, while reading their works. Adam Boustead is said to fulfill this criteria of a high caliber fiction writer, who is now considered as a five star author by his readers.

Adam Boustead is actually a blind author, living in Hanley of Staffordshire in the UK; who is known for his flair in writing poems and short stories about different mythical characters, like dragons and unicorns. His first published book “Mist Palace Hall One” was a collection of poems, which were written about dragons and other imaginative creatures and their strange world. But his fame has spread more widely due to his series “The Dragon Chronicles, where till now he has written and published three books, namely “Dragon Fireside Tales”, “Amber Dragon” and “Wizard Bound”. Till now, his books have received 27 5-star reviews from the readers and this number seems to be increasing day by day, which proves the popularity of these books.

Both “Dragon Fireside Tales” and “Amber Dragon” contain short stories and poems about numerous mythical creatures, from dragons to unicorns, which have drawn many positive reviews from the enthusiastic readers, who seem to be waiting for more creations of this five star author. All his five star books are bound for being a bestseller. His poems in “Mist Palace Hall One” are said to be inspired by the recollections about the mystical past experiences regarding spiders or snakes, from which he imagined the situations about dragons or unicorns.

Hence, anyone interested in reading any of these fantastic tales or poems, written by Adam Boustead, may contact the author through his website , by leaving his name, email id and the message to the author. If any reader wants to contact the author with any suggestion or demand about his new creation, he can approach by following the same way of messaging through this website. The books are available for sale in, Amazon .ca, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and few other well-known publishers. The buyers can also order for these books by visiting the links of these publishers, given below the short description of each book, in this site.

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