The title of todays “PIF” is not a misprint. We are indeed focusing on a special author today. Bethany Turner is the inspiration this tour that goes by her name. Today is her day to shine. Today is the day for us to shine our torch on her and learn more about this extraordinary lady. Please welcome Bethany Turner on my blog today. 


From the Author’s Mouth:

When I wrote the Abigail Phelps Series, I really thought that was going to be it.
After all, based on my past history, odds were pretty good that I wouldn’t even finish that one!
However, the surprising reality was that the idea for Abigail Phelps led to book one, I’ve Loved These Days. I’ve Loved These Days led to book two, Scenes From Highland Falls.
And Scenes From Highland Falls led to book three, Two Thousand Years.
But that was all still within the safe confines of the Abigail Phelps Series.

What I never expected was that I would come out on the other side of that series,
which had really just been written for fun, feeling like an author with many more stories to tell.
And yet, here I am.

I wrote the Abigail Phelps Series while working a 50 – 60 hour a week, high-stress job in bank management.
Add to that the things which come first:
amazing/equally busy husband, two growing boys, an active role in church, community, and the arts
and I honestly don’t know how I found time to write.
That’s not bragging. I deserve no credit. All credit goes to
God above who kept the creativity flowing
my husband who kept the home fires burning
my children who kept me inspired
my friends who kept me motivated and excited while adopting Abigail as their own.

Now, gone is the high-stress job. I’m following what I believe is God’s calling to get the priorities straight.
Join me on the adventure…
It promises never to be dull.


I’ve Loved These Days (Book One, The Abigail Phelps Series)
Scenes From Highland Falls (Book Two, The Abigail Phelps Series)
Two Thousand Years (Book Three, The Abigail Phelps Series)


Abigail Phelps is a creative work from the imagination of author Bethany Turner.
The characters of Abigail Phelps, Dr. Alec B. Redmond, and J. Avery Brennan are fictional, and yet they interact with celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other real-life figures.
(A few examples: George Clooney, legendary ice dancer Christopher Dean, John F. Kennedy Jr.,
two-time Olympic gold medalist Sergei Grinkov, Senator Ted Kennedy, Robert Redford,
Tom Hanks, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Billy Joel, and many more)
Fictionalized events and people co-exist with actual historical people, places, events, and dates.
The way in which real-life figures are portrayed is, in many cases, based to some extent upon public perception, but the portrayals are fictional nonetheless.
The author simply took well-known characteristics and traits of real-life celebrities,
threw in a lot of out-of-control imagination,
and used those characteristics and traits as an outline to create a work of fiction.

We encourage you to see just how blurry the line between reality and fantasy can be.
Do what Alec and Avery would have you do…do your research.
And have fun!

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