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After many attempts to attract a publisher, I was delighted when Endeavour Media, a UK company, offered me a contract. After updating my old book covers and blurbs, they have re-published the majority of my books, including my memoir. I must say that I am well pleased with the result. It makes my books look more appealing.

To my astonishment, at the same time of receiving their offer, Liquid Gold, a small publishing company, also offered me a contract. They have since published in print and digital format; my short romance/erotic story entitled Fatal Love. Later this year, they intend to publish a print version of my novel, A Dangerous Love Affair. It is a romance story mixed with adventure and erotica.

I am now in the process of writing another two books. One is another short romance story mixed with erotica; the other is the sequel to Desperation Rules the Day. All being well, I will complete the latter before the situation with Iran comes to something no one wants.

In general, I am pleased that my writing efforts have attracted the attention of these two publishing companies. It shows that I must be doing something right. So when writing, never give up at the first hurdle when trying to find an agent/publisher.


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As an expat who worked in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa, Colin Guest has lived a life most only dream. He started writing after his retirement and has had nine books published, with five made into Audiobooks.

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