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This book was completely different from anything I’ve written before. When I started writing Raven’s Peak, all I knew was the concept behind the world I wanted to create and the main character. I like stories about strong women who aren’t Mary Sues and I liked stories about paranormal and scary things. I actually wrote the opening first with Arthur, and it was going to be a standalone piece in the world, but as I put it together I realized there needed to be a strong relationship between this broken man and the main character of my novel.
So then the only thing left today was find out what she is doing and try to determine her motivations. Haatim came into existence to get the plot moving, and I liked the idea of him being the audience’s introduction to the unseen world of demons and evil around him.
What I didn’t expect, however, was how Haatim would fit into the later stories and become so important to the plot. I kept discovering new features of his personality and history that drove the plot, and it felt like I wasn’t even in control anymore. At a certain point the story took on a life of its own and all I could do was try and do it justice.
I’m incredibly proud of what I put together, because it taught me a lot about myself as a writer and also how to write a better story. The lessons I learned will help me immensely when writing the second and third book in the series, and even when I turn my attention back to other series and standalone books I’m writing or planning to write in the future.

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