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Mae Clair

Mae Clair

Town Visit by Mae Clair

Research is something most authors have to do in one form or another, regardless of genre. The amount of time invested can range anywhere from minimal to detailed, depending on your subject(s). When I set out to write A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS, the first book in my Point Pleasant series, I had already devoured everything I could about the town (an actual location in West Virginia), its history, and the many legends related to both.

Then I looked at a map and realized—hey, that’s not too far from where I live. About a six hour drive. So I convinced my husband we could use a weekend trip and off we went to experience the area firsthand.

Point Pleasant is a riverfront town nestled on the confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers. Morning to night water traffic is constant, with huge riverboats pushing enormous barges of coal up and down the waterways. By contrast, vehicle traffic within the town is minimal due to the fact it was rerouted after the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967. A new Memorial Silver Bridge has taken the place of the original, but the flow of traffic no longer passes through the heart of Point Pleasant. As a result, there are certain hours of the evening when the town seems almost deserted.

RiverThe original Silver Bridge plummeted into the Ohio River on December 15, 1967 during rush hour traffic. Forty-six people lost their lives. Later analysis revealed the bridge was carrying much heavier loads than it was designed to sustain, and that it had been poorly maintained. Many, however, believe the Mothman —a giant winged creature with glowing red eyes— was tied to the bridge collapse. Some believe him a malevolent form, others that he attempted to warn the town of impending disaster. Whichever account you favor, it’s an undeniable fact that after the Silver Bridge fell, sightings of the Mothman     then ceased altogether.
According to legend, the town of Point Pleasant was cursed by a Shawnee Indian Chief named Cornstalk in the years preceding the American Revolution. Once at war with the white man, Cornstalk eventually made peace and became a friend of the settlers. Through trickery and deception, he and his son were unjustly murdered. It is said that Cornstalk condemned the region and its people with his dying breath, and that the Mothman is part of that curse.

Although there were numerous credible eye witness reports of “the bird” as he was originally dubbed, the legend of the Mothman didn’t truly take off until 1975 when John Keel wrote a best-seller about the events. THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES was later made into a movie of the same name starring Richard Gere.

It is that legend and mystery that I draw upon in A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS, a suspense novel set in 1982, fifteen years after the bridge collapse:



Behind a legend lies the truth…

As a child, Eve Parrish lost her father and her best friend, Maggie Flynn, in a tragic bridge collapse. Fifteen years later, she returns to Point Pleasant to settle her deceased aunt’s estate. Though much has changed about the once thriving river community, the ghost of tragedy still weighs heavily on the town, as do rumors and sightings of the Mothman, a local legend. When Eve uncovers startling information about her aunt’s death, that legend is in danger of becoming all too real…

Caden Flynn is one of the few lucky survivors of the bridge collapse, but blames himself for coercing his younger sister out that night. He’s carried that guilt for fifteen years, unaware of darker currents haunting the town. It isn’t long before Eve’s arrival unravels an old secret—one that places her and Caden in the crosshairs of a deadly killer…

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Author Bio:
Mae Clair has been chasing myth, monsters and folklore through research and reading since she was a child. In 2013 and 2015, she journeyed to West Virginia to learn more about the legendary Mothman, a creature who factors into her latest release.
Mae pens tales of mystery and suspense with a touch of romance. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in Pennsylvania and numbers cats, history and exploring old graveyards among her passions. Look for Mae on her website at where you can sign-up for her newsletter.

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