Today, our day two of the “PIF” tour, it is my pleasure to host an extraordinary lady, one of our most supportive member, our very own Marlena Hand.

Marlena Hand

About Me
First and foremost, you should know that I am a Christian and a wife. I’ve been a Christian my entire life and was fortunate enough to have a preacher as a father, which helped to shape me into who I am today. (Hopefully that’s a good thing!) As for being a wife……we just passed our 2nd anniversary (April) and the journey we’ve been on has been such a blessing. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

As you’ll see in this blog, I am a writer at heart, a reader of words, a student of life, a believer of the impossible, and a dreamer with hope. I believe in making the most of every day. I believe that purpose and reason is behind every good and bad thing that happens to us. I believe that dreams are essential to a happy and full life and, more importantly, you should never stop chasing those dreams.

The bottom line? Who knows what you’ll get to read on my blog! This is my life, my story, and my journey. The possibilities are limitless.


1.   Time for the update!!

WRITING: My first novel is progressing. Slowly, but surely! I just passed an awesome milestone (even if it’s huge only to me)…30,000 words!! I was so thrilled when I saw my word count. I am so ready to be at the editing stages; although, I’m not certain of who I will get to edit. I’m still new to so many areas of the writing world. I’m taking one day at a time. I have to finish my first draft before anything else can happen!!

I did *finally* find someone that could fill in the gaps of certain areas of my book. I’m thankful for her and the info she’s given me. I plan to acknowledge her for her awesomeness.

BUSINESS: A Shining Moment has its first event NEXT SATURDAY!! Okay, this is another huge for me! Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s only my husband’s class reunion, BUT it’s a start! That’s all any business needs, right? A stepping stone, a foot in the door. And I must say…I think the reunion is going to be spectacular. I have some awesome things planned and cannot wait to visit the venue this weekend. I have to narrow down my decorating choices, which I will do after this visit.

ADVOCARE: We had our first mixer. It was…nothing like I expected. I won’t tell you how many people attended, but I will tell you I bought entirely too much food. On a good note, though, we are selling. Not as much as I’d like, of course. You hear all these amazing stories about people using AdvoCare as a vehicle to a better life. Paying off debt, quitting a mundane 9-to-5 job, taking grand vacations…well, where is that at??? Apparently, the folks of Alabama aren’t too keen on trying something new. But let me just tell you. AdvoCare is amazing. I’m a skeptic…about everything! Ask anyone! But this stuff really is life-changing. I couldn’t imagine going a DAY without my Spark. What it does is in it’s name. It will put a SPARK back in your life! This is the best energy product they have, in my opinion. It’s powder that you mix with water–multiple flavors–and I drink it two times a day on an empty stomach. The best part is that it actually tastes good and there’s NO crash. Did I mention that all of this stuff is healthy? Yep! Backed by a science & medical board with over 200 years of combined experience. Pretty awesome, I know.

Now tell me…why have you NOT asked me for more info?? I don’t type all of this info just to ‘hear’ myself talk. If I believe in something, I’m going to share with the world. So there! 🙂


Writing: Well, I have taken some time away from A MOMENTARY GLANCE. I think this is a much-needed break. I’ve been struggling with moving forward in the story, so I’m switching gears! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had this idea in my head. About a book. About what I want to express in this book. SO I’m finally putting those thoughts into action. I don’t want to give away too many details because, well, aren’t surprises just fun?!? I will say that this book will be moreso a collection. I’ve went to Twitter, asking for quotes and sayings. I’ve had a few share some great ones and am hoping for a few more tidbits of inspiration. (Please feel free to leave your favorite quotes/sayings in the comments section.) I plan to get a lot of work done this weekend, so fingers crossed it happens!
Want to offer more input? How about choosing your favorite title from these: A LIFE INSPIRED; INSPIRATION TIDBITS; LESSONS IN LIFE; THIS IS WHO I AM. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

2) AdvoCare: We are still with this amazing company. We are actually about to embark on another 24 Day Challenge. I can’t wait!! Because of our hectic schedules (LIFE), we have gotten way off track. It’s time to get our booties back in gear!! And that’s exactly what I intend to do!

I would love to get a group together. (It can be virtually, of course.) As a group, we support and encourage and motivate one another. We keep each other going! New to the AdvoCare scene? No worries! AdvoCare is about changing your lifestyle to create a better YOU. It’s not just one of those lose weight fast schemes. It’s lose weight healthily, while increasing your energy level and making you feel so much better overall. You wake up happier because you know you’re doing something good for yourself AND your body AND your life in the long run. If you want to know more, just ask! I’ll be happy to share anything I can with you. 🙂

3) Reading: I’m getting back into my “normal” reading routine. I absolutely love to read and am so thrilled to get back to it! You’ll find two book reviews below, both of which I highly recommend you checking out. And I’ll have more for you next week!



Marlena is aspiring to publish her own book. She is a published author. Right now you can find some of Marlena’s published work in the Rave Reviews Book Club’s first Anthology: RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL.




Twitter Handle: @mlh42812