Journey to the Rainbow’s End: A Drag Queen’s Odyssey (Available on Kindle and Paperback)

Poetry Excerpts from “Journey to the Rainbow’s End”

Black Sheep

I make mistakes… this I admit to
We all do
Here I am sitting in my freaking car crying
being a lost boy in a man’s body 
listening to the strings play my pain and guilt
At the point of no return
the black sheep of my own life
haunted by beauty

Hunted by my own demons
Only having my own words to console my grief
Missing the joyous song I once sang over and over again
Again being the black sheep of my own dissonant recluse
Begging for kindness that I have not shared
Believing in the ah so enchanted faerie tales of lost love
I am the black sheep
Beckoned by my own past
Frightened by others future

Where does this road ever end?

That’s Gay

That’s so gay

The cryptic societal fakes proclaim loudly to their “godly” so-called Christ like nature

Not caring about the lost souls who are dying under their hypocritical love the sinner, hate the sin derogatory verbal crucifixions

Judging and taunting the innocent who have nowhere to turn and cannot wrap their young adolescent brains that life, it does get better

Don’t you love the flakes and fakes who hide behind lies that pick and choose which part of the Holy Scripture they choose to believe in and dare to call themselves fundamentalists

Forgetting Jesus created love and healed all who were sick and dying by the woes of hypocrisy created by the priests of their time

They are self-absorbed

Living life in the fantasies of their insecurities

Hoping societal ‘norm’ police will be fooled by their rant and farcical nature which torture the lives of innocence that were created to be indeed, different

That’s so straight

The new term we the different should adopt for anything negative that doesn’t jive with the way the “norm” police-based society thinks we should live, breath, work, and be loved, by each other

Not caring about whom they are killing by their words, their actions, their hate and self-loathing hypocritical kings and princes of their own dynasty

Their judgments and taunting of innocent souls causing struggling to learn how to be self-accepting and loving

Causing our lost children to hang, mane, shoot, poison, and drown themselves into a pit of despair and to an eternal place of lost hope never to be heard from again

The innocent dies in vain as the “norm” police search out for other victims to take their place

And we still ask in a world of hypocrisy, hate, judgment, and denial, that’s so gay?

One day we hope we will arrive over the rainbow and live in a world that doesn’t hate, criminalize, demoralize, and encourage suicide ideological genocide

One day we won’t have to result to saying words like that’s so straight, that’s so gay, so white, so black, so yellow, or so dead

And the words of that’s so gay will start to mean happiness like they once did back in the day when we attempted to live in a world without judgment, self-loathing, denial, and hate

I scream to the rooftops, canyons, and seas, my lost innocent brethren come back to me, for the lies you were told are to cause you pain and suffering

Life isn’t what the “norm” police want you to believe, for the world around you does have love and does indeed get better

Description of book:

Forrest Robert Stepnowski captures the essence of “coming out” and coming of age as a gay male today and over the past three decades. He captures the joys of love, the pain of heartbreak, surviving the darkness of suicide, and the self-discovery of finding one’s voice and place in society. Forrest Robert Stepnowski is a community advocate, a writer, a social worker, and a female impersonator, known as Victoria Eyesli, in the Pacific Northwest. He has been writing poetic works and prose for many years, but realizes how important it is to share his work to others who have dealt with similar pathways of self-hate, self-deprecation, and self-loathing, in the hopes they can find they are not alone, that they are not deviants, nor are they against “human nature.” They are part of collective of misfit toys on an island where being difference it beautiful.  We all have many voices, and the world should hear them all.  This is his first publication

RRBC Book of the Month Recipient January 2019

KCT International Literary Award 2019-Honorable Mention

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Forrest Robert Stepnowski is an advocate, writer, social worker, and performance artist in the Pacific Northwest. He has been writing poetic works and prose for most of his life. He realized how important it would be to share his work with others, who may have tread similar paths of self-hate, self-deprecation, and self-loathing, in the hopes that they find they weren’t alone. Helping others who have been deemed as “different” because of varying sexual orientations or identities to realize that they are not deviants nor are the “against human nature” has always been of grave importance to him. He wants this group of beautiful people to know they are part of a collective, on an island where being different is embraced and accepted.