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About Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins wrote her debut novel, Daisy, Bold & Beautiful, when she was turning eleven and just beginning sixth grade. She finished writing Mylee In The Mirror, the second in her multi-award-winning middle-grade Greek mythology series before heading back to school for seventh grade and turning twelve and Mad Max & Sweet Sarah before eighth grade and becoming a teen. She writes amid a very busy extra-curricular schedule, including a spot on both a gymnastics team and a trampoline and tumbling team, as well as taking weekly piano lessons. She’s an avid gamer who loves hanging out with friends. Her love of Greek mythology inspires her writing.

Ellie’s Post

Writing Is Really Taking Me Places!

“Ellie! Get off the X Box!”

That’s how and when my writing career began. Nagging. From my mom. It was the end of my summer vacation between 5th and 6th grades and I was a few months from turning 11.

I asked Mom what I should do (because really – what is there to do that’s any fun other than video games?!).

“I don’t know; write me a story.”

I asked her what I should write about, and she suggested Greek mythology, since I love to read about the Greek gods. That’s where it all began.

My favorite goddess is Persephone, and I knew immediately I wanted to write a story about her and ended up with Daisy, Bold & Beautiful. I was having so much fun with it, though, that as I was finishing that story, inspiration hit for a story about Aphrodite, and Mylee In The Mirror was born.

I was just starting Mylee In The Mirror when I thought of a story for Athena. Mom made me finish Mylee before she’d let me start on Mad Max & Sweet Sarah. I know, I know. She was right. I don’t know if I would have gotten either of them done if I tried to work on them at the same time. Still… I just hate it when Mom’s right – she gets that look, know what I mean? Anyway, I have some great ideas kicking around for book 4, but I don’t want to give away my secrets quite yet.

I don’t think I ever really expected anything from making up my stories, but I never would have expected all the places it has taken me. There have been research trips (okay…just one, and I think Mom and Dad planned on a trip to O’ahu, anyway). There’s been awards ceremonies (two in Miami and one in Paris, France – yeah, I know, right? Paris! I couldn’t believe it either!). There have been book signing events, too (international, even – my first signing event was in Vancouver, Canada!).

I’ve been to more places and met more amazing people than I ever could have imagined, and I have a pretty active imagination! I mean…I’m an author, for crying out loud!

This weekend I had an event that was only a few towns away from us, but you would have thought it was in a galaxy far, far away. It was Geekfaire – a convention for all things geeky and nerdy. There were so many people in cosplay costumes, sometimes it was hard to remember I was still on Earth! Here are a few shots of me on my book travels.

Ellie’s Books

Daisy, Bold & Beautiful: How difficult is it for new middle-schooler D.J. to be honest with her friends? Could the Greek Goddess of Spring possibly find a way to help? Mylee in the Mirror: High school freshman Mylee is overwhelmed as she navigates family and school drama. Doe​​s ​Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty​,​ have the right answers? Mad Max & Sweet Sarah: Sarah longs for a close relationship with her brother, Max, while the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena, has sibling struggles of her own. Working together, what can they accomplish?

Ellie’s Book Trailer

<emb> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkXyfkghbAQ </emb>

Ellie’s Mom-managed Social Media

Website:  https://authorelliecollins.wixsite.com/mysite

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/authorelliecollins/

Mom’s Twitter:  https://twitter.com/W_Angels_Wings

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