It is my pleasure to welcome KAREN GLISTA as she embarks on  Day 1 of her  BLOG TOUR

Chasing the Red Queen


 Fact or Fiction

Just because you fail to believe, doesn’t make it a given.

It is written in the ancient birch parchments of the Ojibwe that seven spirits presented themselves to the people in the Land of the Dawn to teach the Mide way of life. The first six spirits were good and kind, but the seventh grew too powerful and killed those in his presence. The other six spirits took to the river and swam back to the ocean from whence they came.

Excerpt: (Paranormal crime investigation)

“She’s Chippewa?”


“How would you know that she’s Chippewa?” Torin asked, his eyes cutting into the officer.

“Tribal identification was in her wallet. She’s of the Huron Clan.”

Torin and Gage shared a look. Torin nodded, and without breaking the tether, Gage handed him a pair of latex gloves. He slid his hands inside, one after the other, flexing his fingers for a tight fit. He took a deep breath and slowly pulled back the white drape. He cocked his head, storing the female’s scent, like a tattoo on his brain. He swallowed hard, and though it wasn’t his first homicide, nor would it be his last, a great sadness washed over him.

Such a waste.

She was a beauty, and death had not yet robbed her of such—raven black hair and thick lashes that swept her cheeks. She was indeed as pale as ivory, even her lips, which should have been a soft pink, were ghostly white and….




Karen Glista is a registered nurse and award-winning author. Living in the great lakes state of Michigan, she finds solace in a remote home nestled within a dense forest (which she believes is enchanted).  In the moss-laden woodlands, she often wanders, all the while delving into and living fantasy as much as reality. Driven by heart, visionary characters, and underlying dreams, she embraces the fictitious and much like you come to know them, and with such, spins a tale that in the dark of night lights your soul.


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