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Some of the members of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB have been very busy! These are only a few of the new releases from RRBC authors. I hope you will find one that will pique your interest.




Obsessive-compulsive school mum, Skye, is a lonely elite spy, who is running from her past whilst trying to protect the future of her child. She tries hard to fit in with the other parents at her son’s new school, but the only person who accepts her unconventional way of life is new mother, Thea.
Thea is feeling harassed by her sister and bored with her life, but she suspects that there is something strange about the new school mum, Skye. Thea has secrets of her own and, although the two become unlikely friends, she hesitates to tell Skye about the father of…

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#RRBC author, D.L. Finn is our November 2017 #RWISA “Rising” Writer. Please check her out here: ….



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October 30, 2017

NOW-NJ PAC Votes to Endorse Candidates for the New Jersey Legislature in the General Election

For immediate release; contact: Deb Huber (908)-439-3173

The NOW-NJ Political Action Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements in this year’s legislative election. The PAC’s decisions were based on responses to a detailed questionnaire, committing to issues benefitting women and their families. In some cases there was some follow-up where needed, as well as a review of the record of incumbents. Candidates who did not submit questionnaires were not considered this year. Endorsed candidates show full support for all NOW issues. The PAC may express support for a feminist candidate who is not quite perfect, but is clearly preferable to their opposition.

The NOW-NJ PAC announces full endorsement of the following candidates:

Pamela Lampitt for Assembly in the 6th district
George Youngkin for Senate in the 8th district
Joanne Schwartz for Assembly in the 8th district
Jill Dobrowansky for Assembly in the 9th district
Emma Mammano for Senate in the 10th district
Bob Smith for Senate in the 17th district
Elliot Isibor for Senate in the 26th district
Loretta Weinberg for Senate in the 37th district
Linda Schwager for Senate in the 39th district

In addition, the PAC expresses support for the reelection of Senator Shirley Turner in the 15th district

Now is the time to stand strongly behind these candidates to the New Jersey Legislature so that they can bring their efforts to bear on behalf of the people and to fiercely defend women, workers, and the underserved in the Garden State.

Deb Huber,
Chair, NOW-NJ Political Action Committee

Eight Steps to Establishing Your Author Brand

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Ciao, SEers. I’m just getting back into the groove after a long overdue trip back to the homeland. No, not Italy, although that’s on my bucket list. We went back to Pennsylvania to celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation with the extended family. A great time was had by all. We extended our trip, which put me even further behind, but it is worth it to see loved ones, even if we ran ourselves ragged.


Who are you?My series on creating a media kit seemed to be helpful to writers, so I thought I’d discuss something that coordinates with the media kit—author branding. Having worked for several years as a corporate identity specialist in my “real” job, those principles are transferrable and I want to give you a quick checklist that might help you out.

So, without further ado, here are eight steps to author branding cohesion.

1. You Are…

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Winners’ Circle – Joy Lo-Bamijoko

June 17, 2017

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle where we celebrate the success of our ICL students. Today we are celebrating published author Joy Lo-Bamijoko!

What is the name of your book? Who is the publisher?
Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women,iUniverse

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies,Sbpra Publishers

Pregnant Future,self-published

Tell us a bit about your path to publishing, from idea to submission to published book.

I am primarily an Indie author. I chose to go this path because I had so many rejections in trying to have one of my books published that I decided that if I have a story, I want to tell it and I want it to be read. So, I put that book aside and started writing memoirs. My first and third books are memoirs, but the second is a fiction.

After writing my stories, I use two or three Beta Readers to go through and give me an idea of what the stories feel like, I make corrections, and send the story to an editor, then to a proofreader, and then I publish. This is what I did with my third book. I try to go the same route as orthodox publishers to be sure that my stories, when published meet the same standards as those published by orthodox publishing companies.

How long have you been writing?
Since 1966.

What’s your favorite genre to write and why?
I typically write is two genres; memoirs and fictions. Memoirs, because it allows me to talk about factual life experiences of which I know a lot, from having lived a long and interesting life. Fiction, because I come from a very rich culture of beliefs and mysteries that are still waiting to be explored. I have only touched the tips of it with my Legend of the Walking Dead….

What ICL courses have your taken?
I started from the bottom, and went all the way to the top from the preliminary course; Writing for Children, to the Advanced course; Novel Writing.

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged or blocked? Do you have any tips for your fellow writers?

I travel. Because I’m free from a 9 to 5 job, I take off to Nigeria, especially during the winter months. I spend the whole winter months there, and come back to the US during the summer. This really helps me to remain in the loop all the time.

If you could go to the yard sale of any character in the history of children’s literature, whose would you go to, and what would you buy?
I have just started reading the Cat in the Hat for my grandchild, so I know what you mean. I will buy the two Things as they both work so well together.

How has ICL helped with your writing career?

I had great teachers during my study with the ICL. I learned a lot and was well prepared to start writing immediately. I have since published numerous short stories, and three full length novels.


Joy has written and published extensively on national and international scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her first short story “I Come from Utopia” was published in AFRICAN VOICES. Since then, she has published numerous others in RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology, Bks 1-3. MIRROR OF OUR LIVES: VOICES FOR FOUR IGBO WOMEN was published in 2011, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012. THE LEGEND OF THE WALKING DEAD: IGBO MYTHOLOGIES is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria was published in 2014. Her new novel, PREGNANT FUTURE, is the story of a young woman alone in the world and left to fend for herself. It is the story of the pitfalls that await such a woman. It is the story of survival. Joy also has two books published in the Italian language.


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Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

Nigerian Death Legends Come Alive in ‘the Walking Dead’

The world of the traditional Igbo society of Nigeria is a world in which the dead visit and interact easily with the living. It is also a world in which most of the time the living are at the mercy of the gods.
When 15-year-old Osondu goes missing, his mother searches for her son and faces the same fate. Now they are both missing. There is a thin line dividing the land of the living and the land of the dead, so thin that spirits from both lands coexist. And sometimes in the story, it is difficult to differentiate between the living and the dead. Both have bodies, with the living existing in their bodies, while the dead use borrowed bodies.

“Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies is a fascinating journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos. The book draws readers into the Igbo people’s ancient and traditional beliefs of life and death.”

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

See Below the Book Trailer


Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

Pregnant Future




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Writing my memoirs has proven quite a soul-cleansing experience. Today, I feel completely liberated and free. I have reclaimed myself and own my Soul. I can look the bull in the mouth and still stand my ground. I am me, the person God made me to be! Nothing holds me back, and nothing blocks my way. I have learned the great lessons of life and can only go forward, never backward.

Memoirs, when written without fear, truthfully, and without holding anything back, can offer a cleansing experience. After reading Pregnant Future, my daughter said to me, “Mom, you now look human.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“I always saw you as that perfect, never-do-wrong type of person. If I had known all this when I went through my growing up pains, I would have acted differently.”

“You think?” I smiled.

This is because I believe that each person must go through their growing up pains to truly grow up. I didn’t tell her that, but it is the truth. The lessons of telling it all in a memoir show that no matter what one goes through in life, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Pregnant Future

(No One Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring)

A True-Life Memoir


Justina was a fighter. And, although it seemed the world was against her and her future was destined for failure…she persevered in the face of it all.

The future that was being thrown in her face, was not the one she had dreams of…and if she wanted to get her feet on the right path

She was going to have to show the world her strength. But, does she?

Will she have the will to make it to the end, unscarred?

What would you do if you knew what the future had in store for you?

Would you run towards it with open arms, or would you run away and never look back?

Justina must make a choice … before life chooses for her

Justina is every young woman who found herself alone in the world to fend for herself. It is the story of the pitfalls that await such a woman. It is the story of survival

How the Book Was Born:

This was a very difficult book for me to write. It was supposed to be my first published book, but because of the dread I had about events contained in the book, and the fear of spilling my guts for all to see, I circled away from it and wrote about other things. I wrote about other people’s fears and struggles, about their disappointments and victories, and all the time, I was asking myself, what about the fears and struggles you personally witnessed and endured?

In 1962, I was practically smuggled out of Nigeria, out of the continent of Africa, to a foreign country, a European country where English was not spoken. No one prepared me for the trauma of finding myself where I was the odd person out. The plan was originally for me to go to Dublin, but somehow, the plan was changed, for the better, I was told. Instead of a scholarship by the Holy Rosary Sisters, who trained and nurtured me, the scholarship was upgraded to a government scholarship.

At the time, I was ecstatic about the upgrade. I was even looking expectantly forward to being in Rome. I was still a child in everything, never having been exposed to the outside world. There I was, alone, and lost.

I mentioned being smuggled out. Yes. I was spoken for, and my fiancé was determined to sabotage my leaving the country, in any way he could. So, I had to leave in a hurry without his knowledge. No one will ever know how it feels like to be alone and lost unless one has lived it.

Justina of this story is me, muddling through life, falling and rising. In the end, I can sit, look back and shudder. I am still in awe of what I have become. It is only by the grace of God that I am who I am today.

Pregnant Future Trailer


In Mirror of Our Lives, four Nigerian women share the compelling tales of their troubled lives and failed marriages, revealing how each managed not only to survive, but also triumph under difficult and repressive circumstances. Njide, Nneka, Miss Nelly, and Oby relive their stories of passion, deceit, heartache, and strength as they push through life—each on a unique journey to attain happiness, self-respect, and inner peace. But none of the women’s journeys comes without misjudgments and missteps. Njide falls in love at first sight, marries Tunji too quickly, and grows dismayed when Tunji shows his true colors. Nneka once thought that she and Oji made the perfect couple—until Oji traveled to the United States. Miss Nelly, a kind and good-natured woman, allows everyone to take advantage of her—even her husband, whom she married only for his name. But everyone wonders why Oby and Mat even married at all, for their marriage became a battle from the very beginning. The tales in Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women will inspire females around the world never to give up, to discover a sense of worth, and most of all, to learn to love themselves above everyone else.


Voices of Four Igbo Women

You can also view the trailer here:


 Joy has written and published extensively on national and international scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. 

Her first short story I Come from Utopia was published in African Voices, Spring/Summer, 2007, pg. 18. Since then, she has published numerous others in RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology, Bks 1-3.

Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women was published in 2011, and         was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012. She has also two         books published in the Italian language.

The Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies, is a journey into the        mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria was published in 2014  

In Pregnant Future, her new Novel, Justina is the story of every young woman        who found herself alone in the world to fend for herself. It is the story of the pitfalls that await such a          woman. It is the story of   survival

Author of:

Legend of The Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women

Pregnant Future



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