Day 114! ………………How Did We Get Here? (55)

President Jonathan is finally talking, even if through a third party, but talking, and telling us nothing. Just as he is telling us that the help promised by America has yielded nothing, America is telling us that a recent US surveillance shows what seems to be a large groups of the abducted girls in a remote area. To me, this is not coincidence. This is the first time we are hearing of any American presence in the search for the girls, and it has come after the Nigerian government started to complain about not seeing the results of their presumed help.

Whatever game is playing out here, whatever covert actions are being taken here, all concerned should remember, we are dealing with lives. We are dealing with the lives of young innocent girls who for no fault of their own find themselves almost in a land of no return. The Nigerian government has since known where these girls are being held, but their argument has always been that if they use force, lives will be lost. President Jonathan, please do not use force, but buy the girls out. This impasse has lasted for too long. Give those murderers what they want as the price for the heads of those girls and free them.

If there are any other way to free these girls other than buying them out, any other way that will ensure they all return without further delay, then do it. Simply waiting for something to give, waiting for Boko Haram to weaken is not a good tactics. The girls are also wasting.

(We will continue.)

2 thoughts on “Day 114! ………………How Did We Get Here? (55)

  1. Joy Lo-Bamijoko

    Hi, Jan; thank you for stopping by and commenting. That post was a re-post from many years ago. Those girls never returned. By now, they are history, damaged and lost souls. They are in God’s mercy now.



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