On May 22, 2021, at 1:56 AM, Godwin Sadoh <> wrote:
Good morning Dr. Nwosu,

Thanks for checking on me. I am very fine here in Abuja. However, as you must have been following the news, Nigeria is in a serious mess. Those who were living adult during the civil war, confirm that it wasn’t as bad as the current situation. 
Nobody and no where is safe in Nigeria. Every day with bad news of banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, cattle rustling, herdsmen clashes with farmers, shedding of innocent blood on a daily basis etc. The Presidential Villa is even not safe. Some few days ago, armed robbers broke into the house of the President’s Chief of Staff and carted away with a lot of money and valuables. This was in the compound of the villa very close to Buhari’s house and the VP. Yesterday, the newly appointed Chief of Army Staff died with other top military officers in a plane crash. Prominent people are killed and kidnapped on a daily basis. 

Too many criminals are freely walking about with illegal guns on our streets. Kidnapping is now a very, very lucrative business in Nigeria. The perpetrators started with primary schools, moved on to secondary schools, now they have infiltrated our universities. They will kidnap 20 to 50 or as much as 300 people, carried them to the Bush and then demand for millions of Naira from their families. The victims are released only when the ransom is paid. The kidnappers have made billions of Naira within the last few years in this business. Kidnapping was restricted to the north sometime ago, but not so presently. It is now all over Nigeria. No where is safe in  this country. Our roads are a death trap infrastructuraly and the fear of being kidnapped. The safest way to travel now is by air or train, but the train system is not fully operational because most of them are still under construction and rehabilitation. No one can boast of sleeping with the two eyes closed now any where in the country. Our law enforcement agents have been overwhelmed and extrememly overstretched. Can you believe only 400k police available to protect 200M+ people, half of them have been assigned to politicians and the rich.

Police stations are burnt and officers are slaughtered like chicken on a daily basis all over the country. People are ANGRY AND VERY HUNGRY.  Poverty in the land is of the highest order. You know Nigeria is now labelled as the POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Things are so expensive. The prices of goods, commodities and services have gone up by as much as 500% since President Jonathan left office in 2015. Prices of petrol, kerosene, diesel, and electricity are increased almost quarterly. The SUFFERING IS EPIC.  Prices of food have gone up by almost 400% since this administration took over. The leadership has lost control. They don’t know what to do again and they have no solutions to all the problems bedeviling the nation. 

Have a great weekend.



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