Day 60! ………………How Did We Get Here? (2)

While the Nigerian education was slipping out of control down into the pit, the universities kept on churning out half-baked graduates. The situation today is so bad that education which was once the pride of the Nigerian nation has become the shame of the nation. Our graduates today are made to take qualifying examination into foreign universities for the same courses they graduated in, in Nigeria. Our certificates are not worth the papers on which they are printed.

Un-employment also hit the baulk of these graduates, so hard that a good number of them are now self-employed as kidnappers, and organized criminals. The few that were lucky to be employed joined the gang of pen robbers that fill the rank and file of our civil service. It is everyone to their own device, and everyone is at it with such vigor that they do not look back to see who is gored. Even the ordinary Clerk is not so ordinary anymore. If you want anything done for you in double quick time, things like finding a missing file, or putting your file ahead of all the others, talk to the Clerk, and grease his palms as we say over here in Nigeria.

If you want the file of your competition to disappear, find the Clarke in charge, and grease his palms, and the file is gone. Corruption that started from the top has rotted down to the root, hence my blog titled: The Rotting Iroko.
(To Be Continued).

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