Day 62! ………………How Did We Get Here? (4)

Every day we watch events in Nigeria go from bad to worse and from worse to worst. Right now, the governing body is so overwhelmed by how mangled the situation is that they do not know where to start untangling things. Or perhaps they know, starting with themselves. But they do not want to, or cannot, or simply are incapable of doing anything to untangle not only things, but themselves. Any way one looks at the situation in Nigeria; one sees that the country had reached a point of no return.

When a country reaches this kind of cross-road, what is that country supposed to do? I have my own theory, but I will like to know and hear what other people think or say. If you are reading this, write in and propose a way out, a solution for salvaging a country that cannot salvage herself. Give suggestions, constructive suggestions on how to solve the numerous ailments of a country that does not know how to dig herself out of the quagmire in which she has buried herself.

My numerous blogs on this subject will give an idea of where I stand on the matter, but I still have a theory as I said before and will wait to expose it only when I have heard from others.
(To be continued)

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