Day 64! ………………How Did We Get Here? (6)

Many people are already beginning to think that the abducted girl’s case is a lost one. Even high ranking members of the Nigerian society seem to think likewise. This is like losing hope, and this is one thing we must not do. Book Haram members want us to forget that the incident of those girls ever happened. But we are talking about 276 souls. No, their fate will not be a lost one, and they will never be forgotten.

These girls have families, parents, mothers and fathers. Even if the whole world forgets, the families of these girls will never forget. Book Haram owe these families the return of their daughters, or at least an account of what happened to them. The world wants to know too how this will end. This drama will not continue to hang in the air, it will land one day. It must not fizzle out as if it never happened, it will surely come to an end.

My advice to all peace loving people, all people of goodwill, is to continue to pray for the return of those girls. They will return no matter in what shape or condition, they will return, as a whole or in pieces, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that they will return.

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