Day 71! ………………How Did We Get Here? (12)

It is becoming clear now to everyone that the Nigerian government is seriously hoping that the world’s outrage over the abducted girls will quietly die down and be forgotten. But that is not going to happen. This is because there are some people, out there, like myself, who have vowed to keep banging on that issue, on a daily basis until we know the final outcome of the fate of those girls. And I hope that, that final outcome will be their release and return.

In the meantime Boko Haram has continued to go on a daily rampage of killing and abducting women. We hear that recently they have added some boys among the abducted. They did something similar to that before, but we learnt later that the boys were all promptly killed off, I suspect, to save on how many mouths to feed.

It is also clear from their recent modus of operation that they are desperate to find a quick resolution to the mess in which they find themselves. It must be costing them to keep and feed those girls. So they continue to do a daily onslaught hoping that, that would force the general public to call them in and give them, on a plater, all that they would demand. Those ruffians still believe that they have a bargaining power, that those girls will provide of them that bargaining power. The end will tell.

(We will continue).

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