Day 87! ………………How Did We Get Here? (28)

Today, I woke up with high expectations. I was praying that when I scan the news, I will find some really good news about our girls. No such news so far. I am, however happy about news of more escapees, of women abducted recently who managed to escape.

There have been a lot of questions about these women that were abducted who managed to escape. I have read more than once that their abduction was never confirmed, and now we hear about their escape. I do not want to play the devil’s advocate here but I hope this is not a ploy, a feel good ploy to ease the pressure on the Nigerian government’s indolence and failure in finding and freeing the Chibok girls. When it comes to creating distractions and diversions, I will not put the tactics over the Nigerian authorities’ way of doing things.

This whole question of unconfirmed abductions and quick escapes does not solve the big problem of Boko Haram, or that of the abducted school girls. It does not even make the authorities look good as they cannot take credit for the escapees.

We have been told, just yesterday, to keep our hopes high, that the Chibok girls will soon be free. This is good news, at least, all hope is not lost.

(We will continue).

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