Day 141! ………………How Did We Get Here? (92)

The Nigerian Military wants the world to know that they are now ready to combat and annihilate Boko Haram. Their spokesman assures us that they have new arms and more are pouring in. Let us hope that Boko Haram’s insider informants do not lead Boko Haram to these new arms as they have consistently done in the past. Let us also hope that real army commanders, who are not afraid, who are trained to battle, lead the army this time with their improved arms. This is war soldiers!

With this improved arms, the Military should now engage in an all out war against Boko Haram. If they fail again, this time, and President Jonathan fails to do anything about it, we will label all of them, including the president Boko Haram members. Enough is enough!

There should be no more excuses from those soldiers who claim that Boko Haram is better armed than the Military. There should be no more news about soldiers running from Boko Haram’s attack. The Military should not try to come up with any more excuses to justify their inability to take out Boko Haram, because very soon, they will begin telling us about shortage of manpower; soldiers. No more excuses! It’s now or never.

(We will never relent.)

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