Day 143! ………………How Did We Get Here? (94)

The battle hasn’t started and the Military is losing a war plane. Until we know what happened to that plane, let us just begin praying for the souls of the two pilots aboard that war plane. After four days of this loss, we can assume that the plane was downed and that the two pilots on board are dead. Let us also hope that this loss will not deter the Military’s newly formed determination to oust Boko Haram.

I was watching the Nigerian Military personnel recently in a photo post where they were pretending to be in training. They were all dressed up in their army party dresses, carrying and aiming guns. I made a double turn when I saw that photo, and wondered if they knew they were being photographed. If they knew and allowed that photo to be posted for the world to see, then they are greater fools than I originally thought. These boys, I can call them that for I am a senior, do not yet realize that Nigeria is being attacked and they should be in war mood, fighting in the trenches against Boko Haram. Who wants to see them any other way other than in the front fighting Boko Haram?

Can someone tell these guys that Nigeria is under attack, that Boko Haram is at war with Nigeria, that they should stop their partying and go to war. Only a well co-ordinated war can root out Boko Haram. And only then can we know what happened to those girls.

(We will not relent.)

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