Day 145! ………………How Did We Get Here? (96)

The Nigerian Military is now on the defensive rather than the offensive. We hear that they are fortifying the city of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State in Nigeria, to wedge off Boko Haram’s attack. And they perform occasional incursions over, not into where Boko Haram is suspected to be. This is a whole nation’s army, the more populated country in Africa we are talking about. Is that how to wage a war against a group whose members can still be counted on our finger tips? I can never stop berating our Military, and the shame they have brought on us all, but more on themselves.

While they are holed up in Maiduguri, Boko Haram is out and about putting them to more shame. While they are in the air conditioned board rooms discussing the logistics of how to tackle Boko Haram, as if war is waged on the drawing board and not on the battle fields, Boko Haram is gaining more grounds.

The Military’s denials of Boko Haram’s victories and claims is without credit just as the claims and victories by Boko Haram cannot be substantiated, because the Military has not shown us any proofs to support their denials. The Military just lost a warplane, and apart from reporting the loss for a day or two, nothing else has been heard about it, no story about a search for he plane, just as we have no stories about the search for the girls.

The Military claims they are fighting. Maybe they are, but I will not believe them until I see results.

(We will continue.)