Day 148! ………………How Did We Get Here? (99)

“Nigeria Tried to Sneak $9.3 Million Cash Into South Africa to Buy Weapons.”

Above is the headline of a news item about Nigeria that hit me this morning, and a Nigerian watch dog group is asking for international investigation into the veracity of the allegations, well, of the deed.

Let me state categorically that this money was not for weapons as the perpetrators claim. It is stolen money, one of the many stolen monies that these faceless rogues syphon out of Nigeria. It is very likely that this is money given to the Military for arms which some top brass smuggled out for his own use. They do this all the time. This is why the soldiers on the battle front complain of inferior and inadequate arms. The money is usually stolen and syphoned out. Their unbelievable excuse this time is because they were caught. This is how our weapons money disappear. I hope South Africa keeps the money.

Will this stop them from trying again, of course not. Once a thief, always a thief. These government coffer’s looters will never stop trying to loot. Thieving is so ingrained in them they cannot stop until they are caught.

I also hope that the investigation will expose the culprits. It never does. And even if they are found, nothing is ever done to bring them to book. These are people who populate the Nigerian government today. This is what Nigeria has become.

(We will continue.)

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