Day 151! ………………How Did We Get Here? (102)

If, as some news items claim, talks are going on with Boko Haram about releasing the girls, then we must give peace a chance. I pray also that Boko Haram will take the talks seriously and stop all damaging and destructive activities. Their recent raid on a populated market, killing, looting and burning will not help the negotiations.

The Nigerian press should not relent in putting the girls at the forefront of their papers. They should have a permanent spot on their front pages dedicated to the hashtag
#BringBackOurGirls. That alone will remain a constant reminder to all of us about the fate of the girls.

To diverge a little today, I will like to bemoan the way American journalists, in their efforts to snag scoops always expose too much. They give the bad guys information that should be classified. For instance, before America started their strikes on ISIS in Syria, the news went as far as telling ISIS the targets of the strikes. With this information, of course, ISIS took cover. Journalists should stop giving too much information to the enemy.

(We will continue.)

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