Day 153! ………………How Did We Get Here? (104)

Why people are tweeting their #MuslimApologies

The above hashtag which appeared on Twitter last Tuesday is a step in the right direction. In the past, I have asked that question often about why Moslems don’t speak up against what they claimed did not represent them or their religion. It is good and refreshing to see that they have found a way to dissociate themselves from ISIS. This is about the power of the word, especially that of hashtags. I find them very powerful because they convey a lot with just short letters put together with that sign.

I hope Nigerians are taking note, and will begin a psychological warfare with Boko Haram with our own hashtag. We should join this warfare anyway we can. Boko Haram is not sleeping, and we should not sleep. Boko Haram is using stealth attacks, we should also find a way of stealthily rebuffing them. Any other ideas?

Our Military is looking for victory to be given to them on a platter of gold, you know the type you do not labour for. The top brass commanders are busy stealing and smuggling out money meant for arms, instead of seriously pursuing and destroying Boko Haram. This is becoming a virtuous circle. Please God, help us!

(We will continue.)

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