Day 177! ………………How Did We Get Here? (128)

“Seeking peace with Boko Haram?”

“Boko Haram agrees to truce, will free kidnapped Nigerian girls”

“Nigerian Girls’ Hometown Cautiously Hopeful For Their Release By Boko Haram”

“Nigeria in Talks to Free Girls From Islamists After Cease-Fire”

“Nigeria aims to have abducted girls freed by Tuesday -government sources”

“Nigerian official: Kidnapped girls to be released as early as next week”
by Katie Couric

The internet is agog today with news about the release of our girls. I am equally excited, but as usual, I am a very cautious person, so i will wait until I see the girls out before singing. As we wait, please let us continue praying, and never stop. God is on His throne watching, but the devil is relentless in spoiling.

(We will continue.)

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