Day 221! ………………How Did We Get Here? (172)

A little over two weeks after my last blog, I am back. I must say… in those two weeks, nothing really changed. Our girls are still in captivity, the Nigerian government still has no clue about how to end Boko Haram’s onslaught, the people are desperate and confused, and the politicians now have other priorities. Did we know things will come to this from the beginning? Yes, I did. From the very beginning of this saga, I said that the Nigerian government will eventually sweep this whole thing under the carpet. It is their style of doing things. Whenever faced with difficult situations, like this is insurmountable, they try to wish it away. Only this time, they cannot wish Boko Haram away.

We have asked that heads should fall for the incompetent way that Boko Haram has been, and is being handled, but so far, no heads have fallen, rather we see the politicians scrambling to entrench themselves in whatever positions they find themselves. Boko Haram continues to rampage the country. I know that in the end, they will fail, and Nigeria will be rid of them, but at what cost?

Until my two weeks leave, I commented daily on Boko Haram’s activities in and around Nigeria. In the future, I will address this issue only if there is absolutely something new to talk about. Right now, there is nothing new, and I hate to repeat myself. So, dear readers and followers, look out for those times.

(We will remain alert!)