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October 30, 2017

NOW-NJ PAC Votes to Endorse Candidates for the New Jersey Legislature in the General Election

For immediate release; contact: Deb Huber (908)-439-3173

The NOW-NJ Political Action Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements in this year’s legislative election. The PAC’s decisions were based on responses to a detailed questionnaire, committing to issues benefitting women and their families. In some cases there was some follow-up where needed, as well as a review of the record of incumbents. Candidates who did not submit questionnaires were not considered this year. Endorsed candidates show full support for all NOW issues. The PAC may express support for a feminist candidate who is not quite perfect, but is clearly preferable to their opposition.

The NOW-NJ PAC announces full endorsement of the following candidates:

Pamela Lampitt for Assembly in the 6th district
George Youngkin for Senate in the 8th district
Joanne Schwartz for Assembly in the 8th district
Jill Dobrowansky for Assembly in the 9th district
Emma Mammano for Senate in the 10th district
Bob Smith for Senate in the 17th district
Elliot Isibor for Senate in the 26th district
Loretta Weinberg for Senate in the 37th district
Linda Schwager for Senate in the 39th district

In addition, the PAC expresses support for the reelection of Senator Shirley Turner in the 15th district

Now is the time to stand strongly behind these candidates to the New Jersey Legislature so that they can bring their efforts to bear on behalf of the people and to fiercely defend women, workers, and the underserved in the Garden State.

Deb Huber,
Chair, NOW-NJ Political Action Committee

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