China’s Exploits in Africa!

China cannot be in Africa because they love Africans. They are there only for their own self-interest. While they are openly discriminating against Africans in China, treating them like animals, they are all over Africa wanting us to believe that they want to help Africa. First, it was the Europeans and Americans, now it is the Chinese!

Yes, America and China have always hatched a plan, to eradicate the blacks of Africa. we learned recently that they paid off the heads of States of these African countries with billions of dollars just for them to be allowed to perform their experiments on the ignorant African population, with promises of healing them from whatever is ailing them. 
Would you believe that right now the Chinese are in Nigeria,  peddling the Coronavirus vaccines? We all know that no vaccines have yet been found to cure Coronavirus, but the Chinese are telling the Nigerians the opposite.
Our president, Buhari, is in hiding now, that is if he is not already dead. His chief of Staff Abba Kyari, died a few days ago from the disease, and we believe that both of them caught it. While the Chinese are visiting the villages, accompanied by the military and other armed forces, forcing the villagers to be vaccinated, we don’t really know what they are pumping into those people. 
I was listening to one of Africa’s most controversial women, Author  Ama Ata Aidoo, as she reminded the world that after over 500 years of Africa’s contact with Europe and America, what have we got to show for it, nothing! Today, the plan is to reduce our population with birth control vaccines and to subject us to a new form of colonialism, techno-colonialism. Why is the world watching and doing nothing about this? Because everyone who is in the position to do something about this is embroiled in it. They are all scrambling for a piece of Africa, So, rather than stop the devastation, especially of the humans taking place in Africa, they exacerbate it.
The true freedom of the Africans is in the hands of the Africans themselves. And until we know this, and fight for this, we will continue to be subjected to man’s inhumanity to man.