*$10.00 Amazon Gift Card

*$10.00 ITunes Gift Card

*$10.00 Starbuck’s Gift Card

*One (1) Autographed Paperback copy of: Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

*One (1) e-book copy of: Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women


# of Winners for this stop: 5


This is my second coming! This time, I just want to thank all of you-wonderful authors-for your support during my first outing. It was simply great! If you haven’t yet snagged a copy of any of my books, please do so today. I will greatly appreciate it. And thank you all again.


Nigerian Death Legends

Come Alive in ‘the Walking Dead’

The world of the traditional Igbo society of Nigeria is a world in which the dead visit and interact easily with the living. It is also a world in which most of the time the living are at the mercy of the gods.

When 15-year-old Osondu goes missing, his mother searches for her son and faces the same fate. Now they are both missing. There is a thin line dividing the land of the living and the land of the dead, so thin that spirits from both lands coexist. And sometimes in the story, it is difficult to differentiate between the living and the dead. Both have bodies, with the living existing in their bodies, while the dead use borrowed bodies.

Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies is a fascinating journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos. The book draws readers into the Igbo people’s ancient and traditional beliefs of life and death. You will be enthralled.

YouTube Link the Book’s Trailer


In Mirror of Our Lives, four Nigerian women share the compelling tales of their troubled lives and failed marriages, revealing how each managed to not only survive, but triumph under difficult and repressive circumstances.

Njide, Nneka, Miss Nelly, and Oby relive their stories of passion, deceit, heartache, and strength as they push through life—each on a unique journey to attain happiness, self-respect and inner peace. But none of the women’s journeys is without misjudgments and missteps. Njide falls in love at first sight, marries Tunji too quickly, and is dismayed when Tunji shows his true colors. Nneka once thought that she and Oji were the perfect couple—until Oji traveled to the United States. Miss Nelly is a kind and good-natured woman who allows everyone to take advantage of her—even her husband, whom she married only for his name. But everyone wonders why Oby and Mat even married at all, for their marriage was a battle from the very beginning.

The tales in Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women will inspire womenaround the world to never give up, to discover a sense of worth, and most of all, to learn to love themselves above everyone else.

Trailer: Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women

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Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

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Legend of the Walking Dead:Igbo Mythologies

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Here are the Winners of my First Outing!

1st place: Renae Lucas-Hall,
$10.00 Amazon Gift Card

2nd place: John Fioravanti,
$10.00 ITunes Gift Card

3rd place: Marc Estes,
$10.00 Starbuck’s Gift Card

4th place: John Howell,
One (1) Autographed Paperback copy of: Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

5th place: Cassidy Salem,
One (1) e-book copy of: Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women

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  1. Joy I’m sorry I missed your stop. I was away and didn’t have access to a computer and probably wouldn’t have found the time since my purpose of traveling was to attend a family wedding. You had some fabulous prizes and I wasn’t in on them. Oh well!


  2. Hi Joy! I will pick up copies of your book right away! I also plan to view your trailers, interviews, etc. You have quite an extensive career! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the tour!


  3. Hey Joy…I definitely have to gift “Mirror…” to a few of my female Nigerian friends whom I work with. I am sure they will enjoy it immensely and then let me read it when they are through!!

    Awesome post…party on!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Joy! I love your blog, especially your book trailer for Legend of the Walking Dead! I like to bring inwriters from other continents and you’re one of my favorites! Enjoy your blog tour today! I’ll definitely be getting your book!


  5. Hi Joy, I love your site and the book trailer is excellent. Your books are near the top of my list of “must reads”…. soon you will hear from me with reviews. I so look forward to reading them! Enjoy the PARTY!


  6. Love the book trailer, Joy! Have both of your books in my ever growing TBR list and will read them soon. Trying something new, reading two books at the same time. Hope you have a wonderful day.


    1. That is good news Kim! 🙂 Thank you for the support. I could never read two books at a time, I wish I could. But I like it slow. I learn a lot that way. Good to see you here again.


  7. Hi again. Just a quick note to let you and your readers know that I finished “Mirrors of Our Lives” last night – a fascinating read – which I was lucky enough to win early this month on this blog tour 🙂


  8. Hi Joy! Nice to see you again! You are such a supportive member of RRBC! I have Legend of the Walking Dead on my TBR! Have a great party!


  9. Hi Joy. It’s great to be back at your blog. You are so supportive of everyone in #RRBC, it’s great to be able to do the same for you twice on this tour. Legend of the Walking Dead is a fantastic book, and I love the way you bring the characters to life. I’m just sorry I haven’t had more time to read lately. But I will get it finished soon & then I will get your second book! Thank you so much for being you. You are awesome! *Hugs*


  10. Yay Joy! Great to see you again at the blog block party! Tried commenting in the wee hours and the reply window wasn’t showing up but I’m glad it is now. I love your passion for what you do and for your culture. And your commitment to RRBC and fellow writers. Looking forward to reading more. All the best to you today and always!


    1. I saw that Lisa! I did’t notice the comment window was closed. My computer does that! Sorry about that, and thank you for coming back. Thank you also for all the support you are giving to me. 🙂


  11. Hi Joy! Just stopping by to say that Legend of the Walking Dead is a wonderfully refreshing read, even if you’re no stranger to the paranormal/fantasy genres – stay with it for an unusual cultural take on eternity and the afterlife! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Starbucks? Did somebody say Starbucks? lol! j/k 😉 Your Legend of the Walking Dead sounds really interesting! I’m a huge fan of mythology (mostly Greek/Roman) and paranormal, so your book’s blurb really caught my attention! 🙂


    1. Don’t wait Yvette, grab a copy, and tell me what you think afterwards. 🙂 Yes Starbucks! I hope this time, they will accept my meagre dollars. They gave me such a hard time the first time. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  13. Great post! I just picked up Legend of the Walking Dead and it’s on my to be read list–which has gotten considerably longer with this book tour!


  14. Great blog post Joy. Wonderful that you have taken part in the blog tour twice and still have amazing prizes! I have your book Legend of the Walking Dead and it is on my TBR list. You are a very supportive and inspiring member of RRBC. Have a really great party today.


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