LARRY HYATT’s #RRBC’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour!!

Today, we promote, profile and support our Awesome #RRBC Author Larry Hyatt as he tours this week. Please click in and show him your support. Here’s about Larry in his own words.


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Author Bio:
Larry Hyatt has written radio comedy, sketch comedy and plays, produced television and radio, worked as a creative director for an arts and entertainment magazine, and published numerous humorous articles and essays. Originally from New Orleans he’s a former graduate of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and attended Loyola University’s School of Music as a vocalist, went into radio broadcasting, has been a nightclub in house entertainer (Where he did theatre in a bar), produced and hosted television shows for LCN-TV, and started an entertainment magazine called the “The Tri-Parish Navi-Gator,” featuring theatre, music, dinning and the arts in South Louisiana. He hosts “Larry Hyatt is the Morning” on C-96.7 KCIL Radio in Houma, La.

How it Began
By: Larry Hyatt

How to Reach for the American Dream… (And not get it.) started when I was at a cast party for play I was in. By then I was a singer, actor, radio personality, hosted television shows, started a magazine, and owned night clubs where we did theater in bar. (We were very original. I think they called it vaudeville.) I dabbled in writing but didn’t read novels. I didn’t have time. I was even in a movie filmed in my hometown directed by Antonio Banderas. Someone asked at this cast party, “Larry, you’ve done so much crap why don’t you write a book?”
“Yeah, right, my remedial college English teacher would love to read it.”
That was that, but it stuck in my head. There I was, I had done all this crap, always leaving town tomorrow to make it big, a far cry from what everybody said I’d be doing grown up. Why? Where did I go wrong? The dream was alive.
So I started to document, not for a book, but for my nephews since I wasn’t married, had no children at 45, and realized I’d probably die alone not a blip on the radar.
I then remembered a story a friend told me about our first day of school, thirty years before. He said that I cried so much he remembered what I wore. I thought that was amazing so I began there.
It was easy at first. I had a colorful young life of entertaining but memoir just wasn’t going to cut. Everything didn’t end with a bang like scenes in a movie. I wasn’t a writer. I was an entertainer. Then I reached a point at which my life stopped going up the rollercoaster. I hit the part where it suddenly stopped. Things I wouldn’t want to happen to others started happening to me. Bad investments, stupid mistakes, and very bad career decisions reared its ugly head. Goggle Larry Hyatt and Steve O. Steve O was on the television show MTV’s Jackass. He then ended up as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.” That would give you an idea.
I couldn’t go on. The bodies were still warm and I wasn’t going there. I could imagine someone reading the book and saying to their husband or wife. “Didn’t you run with Larry Hyatt? Did you see what he wrote in his book? That’s what you were up to?…Huh?…Honey?” Now, fast forward the tape.
I was working for the Houma Regional Arts Council, part time to supplement the low pay I was making in television when I was put in charge of the Big Read. It’s a national initiative by the National Endowment for the Arts to get people to read the classics. Great, I thought. I can go around handing out books. I’ll be the Johnny Appleseed of the literary world.
I thought to myself that I better read the dang thing in case someone asks me about the book. I didn’t want to look like an idiot. It was Fahrenheit 451. I liked it. I then found some copies of the book the council gave the year before and I enjoyed A Lesson Before Dying, by Ernest Gains. It made me laugh and cry. Then I thought, hell, let me read another. I knew this book was a movie, “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” Holy crap! I was hooked. I read them all, one after the other. I became a freaking book snob. I even started talking between my teeth.
I’m reading Hemmingway, Tolstoy, Twain, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I was name dropping, throwing out authors and themes, and giving out novels. I was amazed at my friends who read novels but never mentioned it. Bikers and oilfield workers, people I didn’t think did those things.
Then it hit me. I got something to something to say, ask actually. How the hell did I not make it? After all I’ve done, the dues I’m paid, the piano lessons, voice lessons, hours practicing, everything, put in motion to become famous, what happen? I did it my way, that’s what, and I’m an idiot. Or am I?
I got back in front of the keyboard, not having a clue, to let people know the story of a guy who was destined to make it and possibly explain why he didn’t.

Book Cover

Book Blurb: 

How to Reach for the American Dream… (And not get it), is the fictional, comedic account of the life of an entertainer who from childhood had what it took to “make it.” You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer him on as he struggles to achieve what only a select few can through his television kid show debut, glee clubs, remedial college studies, gaining weight as a “starving” artist, dating women out of his league, nightclub entertainer, and romps through radio, television, and publishing.


Find Larry Online!

Twitter: @hyhattlarry



10 thoughts on “LARRY HYATT’s #RRBC’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour!!

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Interesting take on your life Larry. I think we all felt like that. I know I did when I was contemplating writing my first book. I didn’t think anyone would be interested. It taught me never to second-guess myself again, but of course, I continued to do just that. So you were normal all along. Congratulations on your Spotlight tour.


  2. Jan Hawke

    Well – this spotlight looks like it’s got a whirlwind carnival attachment! Now looking forward to following you around all week, Larry! 😀
    Thanks for this great post Joy 🙂


  3. harmonykentonline

    Congrats on your week in the Spotlight, Larry! It’s great to learn more about you 🙂
    Joy, thank you for always being so supportive of RRBC members! 🙂



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