An Ode to the 276 School Girls Abducted in Nigeria

Which way Nigeria?! What else can go wrong?!  As if you are not messed up enough… they have to add this to your list of ugliness, greed, and incompetence. How has the mighty fallen!!!

Gone were the days when you were known as the Giant of Africa. You had resources (you still have even though some think it is their private property), you have manpower. You were the envy of the Black world, and of the world at large. People rushed to you for their piece of the cake. They still do, but today, with malice, odio, and vengeance. You are hated worldwide for your wealth and for how you waste this wealth.

Your children hate you for what you have become, a wasted country, where foreigners come to take and leave nothing in return.  And you collude with them for peanuts. They are killing you from the inside like a cancer worm, draining you of blood.  

All your rulers ever cared for was everyone to themselves. In fact, you have no ruler at all but many kings. All your children are kings, no subject. Their greed is killing you softly. No one cares for anyone. Where are your stolen children? Where are your girls that were snatched from their beds at night in their sleep?

You cannot cover this up! Shame on you, the ruling class… shame on you who are behind this. Boko Haram cannot operate in Nigeria in vacuum. They have support, they have sponsors, and the sponsors know themselves. No one has ever been brought to book for any malefaction done in Nigeria, and no one will this time… the killings, the hired killers, the body snatchers, the daylight robberies, the greed!… the greed!!… the greed!!!

We know who they are. The Holy cows, the fat cows, the born to rule who claim that Nigeria will never have peace unless they rule.  The ones who are so rich from sucking the country dry.  You see them with flowing abadas, waddling around with arms spread out as sign of having arrived, sign of good living, sign of wealth. Wealth from doing what?  Wealth from robbing the country.

It is not enough that they have robbed the country of what belongs to all, now they are robbing the country of her daughters, knowing that they will get away with it. Haven’t they gotten away with murder before?

The cockroach told her babies to be patient that what is hot will eventually become cold. Nigeria, the day is coming when you all who have bled this country, who are bleeding this country dry, will pay!  Everything that has a beginning must have an end. And the end for you all, both past and present, both overt and covert, will be worse than hell. Our people say that you do not offend the land, because the land is sacred, and the land has a way of coming back to take its revenge. What has a beginning must have an end. You have been warned. Repent! Live and let’s live.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to the 276 School Girls Abducted in Nigeria

  1. Uzoma, Amanda

    Amen to your cry of repentance for those sturborn flies that are insisting on following the corpse into the grave. God’s Justice must surely come, and one day is one day as you mentioned, monkey will go to the market and will not return. I can actually say, that day is now, for the whole world has heard about this. A word is enough for the wise.



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