I Cry For You My Country

Today, I was glued to news about those missing girls, from Borno, Nigeria, and I cried with the First Lady of Nigeria, even though, I was not sure we were crying for the same reason. I listened to world news, CNN, read news from the Nigerian newspapers, and everywhere you look, the story is the same. The Nigerian government does not know where the girls are, they have no clue who has them, and according to the news, they are not negotiating with faceless marauders, murderers, and spineless bullies.

Those who know are silent. Waiting for Nigeria to burst?! Because she will eventually burst! That is what I know for sure. Right now, with this new twist in the governing class’s show of nonchalance or shall we call it show of incompetence … what can anyone do? Their thinking is as clear as crystal … No one can touch us, fault us or challenge us … We are above the law … we are the law … we own this country … woe on anyone who dares think differently, or who dare raise a voice against us … if no one likes it here, they should leave, migrate, get lost, disappear, or we will disappear them!

Yes, that is where we are today. A country where everyone is afraid of everyone else. Anyone could be a spy. It could be your brother, could even be your mother or father, man eats man, so long as they are paid to eat their own fetuses, all is fair in this battle of the survival of the fittest. To survive, anything goes.

The country that has been sold for a bowl of porridge … for pittance … take what you want and just give me my cut … They want to sell our girls … the ones they kidnapped? … to whom? … to a people in bondage … they are all in bondage, the fighters, fighting for a cause that they do not understand, fighting and hoping it will free them from their bondage, fighting for masters that they do not know, for faceless masters, fatted and waiting to be feasted upon by worms, for so shall they all end.

The very day you seized those girls, you already sold them. After three weeks of bondage, what do you think they have become humans? No! You have nothing to sell, nothing, but it will become something only if they are returned. Until then, you have nothing … you have lost everything … not that you had anything to begin with, only now you are worse off. Your big Ogas, will remain big, they have stolen so much to last them THEIR live time (that is if they will live out their live time), but you … their killer ants, their killer gnats, will always remain and die poor, so will your whole generation with you. The day will come when all of this will come to an end. Do not doubt it, for it is written that everything that has a beginning must have an end. You have been warned, and it will come to pass.



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