The American Are Coming! And The British Trailing Them.

Yes, the British made a move only when America took notice. And now they are in Nigeria trying to protect what? Their investments? The British sowed the seed of insurgency in Nigeria. They colonized and ruled Nigeria for many years. They understood Nigeria and knew the Nigerians like the palm of their hands. They aligned with the powerful Emirs of the North to divide and rule Nigeria. When leaving, they left power into the hands of the powerful Emir of the North by cooking the census in favor of the North. They made the powerful Emir of the North believe that he owned and could govern the whole of Nigeria as he did the North, serfs under their feudal Lords. The North still believes this today, which is why, when their control of power is challenged, they organize and arm their largely poor and hungry peasants to go after the rest of the country.

Boko Haram is not the first of organized onslaught against non-Northerners in the North. An onslaught like this caused the Nigerian civil war. After the war, we have had many more up-rising of the North against the South. All of them, with the same agenda, but with different names. The Maitasines at different times were incited and supported by their clerics every Friday to go out, kill, burn and destroy. Every few years, these uprisings took place, the rich and powerful defending their status, by using the poor and hungry to fight their cause. That is the way the British wanted it, to have Nigeria in constant and continual meltdown, so that they will continue to suck Nigeria dry through their protected.

But now, the Americans are coming, the Chinese too, so the British make their move. There is too much at stake for them if they do not make a move. The British have so deeply laid the foundation of discord in Nigeria that today, a non-Northern Nigerian works on contract in the North, at least at State levels. This is to make sure that the non-Northerner stays on the job long enough to train their own indigene to take over the job. The North would rather import expatriates on contracts to head government departments than hire qualified Southerners. It is in the North that we still have foreigners as Vice Chancellors of our Universities.

The British left Nigeria a damaged country, a country that can only survive if the most powerful nations that make up Nigeria go their separate ways. The North can never win their war against the whole country, but their constant quest has set the country back into the dark ages.

This is an option which America should consider if they really want to help Nigeria to survive. If Boko Harm’s menace continues, and reaches the South, as they threaten they would, the next war will be devastating, and will tear the country up by force. But Nigeria does not have to go to war to settle the fate of her powerful nations.

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