Oh! … What Pain! …

Only God knows what these girls are going through! … No one will ever know unless one is in their shoes.

These faceless desert rats are not even human. They claim that Western education is a sacrilege to their religion, but they go around armed to the teeth with Western technology. They have no respect for property, because they never had any to begin with, so they feel nothing when they destroy and burn public property. They are not even Nigerians. If they are, they will not be out there hunting and killing their fellow Nigerians. They and their sponsors and supporters should know that there is a law of repercussion, that what you sow is what you reap, that what they do today will come back and haunt them later. They, who kill with the gun, die by the gun. That they are hoping and fighting to die as martyrs shows off their ignorance. The devil also has martyrs and saints. It is only the devil that is so blood thirsty. Only the devil drinks blood, wallows in blood, takes blood baths. In whose name are they really committing these atrocities? …. Surely, not in God’s name. Not in the name of the God that I serve.

The belief in a deity is a personal choice. It is not something you force or bully someone into. These people should take a good look at themselves, and answer a few questions. What is so attractive in the way you live, the way you treat your women, the way you force your granddaughters into marriage with their grandfathers, the way they tear these girls up and throw them away into the streets light dirty rags, the way you commit these senseless and atrocious acts with religion as your justification, as your validation … you pedophiles!!! Yet, you act as righteous rogues, giving your daughters away as gifts, and accepting these girls as if they are sacrificial animals. You supporters of evil, will you give away your own babies to old demented men as gifts? They claim that their god ordained their actions. Seriously, which God again are we talking about? Not the one I serve.

Our girls will never be the same again. They will never be able to recount their experience. If they are ever returned, they will be returning as shells, zombies, and brain washed girls, nothing like who they were. But we want them back, in whatever shape, in whatever condition, because, our own God, the one we serve, the only God, will restitute. Bring back our girls.

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