Enough is Enough!!!

Today, Boko Haram showed the world a lineup of girls which they claimed were the kidnapped girls. Really?! And we should believe them? I pray you world, do not buy their ploy. Those girls they showed, well dressed, clean, and well fed are not the abducted girls. They think that they can take the whole world for a ride as they have done with Nigeria. Let them continue to boast and brag, about their exploits. When they are caught, and they will be caught, we will see them for the groveling cowards that they are.

They want an exchange, with what? Maybe for money. They cannot be expecting to exchange the girls with some real people. Their days are numbered. It is just a question of time. Where are the Gumis and the Maitasines of yesterday? This group of ragamuffins will also end the same way as those before them. It is just a matter of time. Their protectors and sponsors will also be exposed, and will pay for their crime. Nothing is ever hidden under the sun that will not be exposed in the end. Those of you holding Nigeria ransom for your personal greed, will all be exposed, and will very soon pay for your crime against humanity.

The North wants to rule Nigeria forever. Look at what they have done to the country with their past rule of over, did I say twenty years? Oh my God! Please make that fifty years. Nigeria got her independence in 1960, and from that time to Obasonjo’s rule in 1999, the North ruled. For fifty years, they plunged the country back into the dark ages by ruling the country as they rule their people; the Lords over their serfs. . Obasonjo was the first democratically elected President from the South, after fifty years of Northern and military rule. During his rule, the North agitated for a return to power, and they did return to power for another eight years. In fact, the election of the present President, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan could be regarded as an accident, a miscalculation on their part. It was never meant to happen. The Boko Harams menace is their stunt for making sure that no other Southerner comes to rule again.

It is sad to see how the North always manages to twist the law in their favor. When things do not favor them, they invoke the law of equal representation. If things favor them, they throw this law out of the window. They have used the cooked up census that I mentioned elsewhere as a carrot to dangle in front of the rest of the country whenever things do not go their way, and we know who left us that legacy. I am for the three powerful nations of Nigeria going their separate ways. Enough is enough.

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