Whom Are We Kidding? …

Let me shine the torch on Northern Nigeria to show who these people really are. Since Nigeria’s independence the rest of the country has handled the North with kid’s glove, giving in to all their whims. So much so that the North has come to believe that it is their right to get whatever they wanted.

They have championed and manipulated laws that protected only their own interest in the country. Take the equal representation law which means that all States will be equally represented at the Federal level. Good enough, but then in the Nigerian Army, where the ratio is three to one in favor of the North, the North snubs equal representation. The North has used their majority in the Army to intimidate, antagonize, and rule Nigeria for fifty years.

Equal representation allowed the North to entrench mediocrity at all Federal levels by taking positions of power at the federal level, for which they were not qualified or experienced. With little or no qualification they became directors and heads of departments, over a Southern over qualified permanent secretary who actually did the job. Because of this, our civil service became compromised, corrupt, and watered down to meet their standards.
Standards for admission into the federal colleges are lowered to allow students from the North to be admitted with lower GPAs, while students from the South with higher GPAs are left out because of the quota system or the State of Origin syndrome. Oil is drilled in the South, with all the oil towns in ravages, while the refinery is in the North. What economic sense! Federal roads in the South are mostly in dis-repair, while one can travel the Federal roads in the North for a day without seeing a town or village, just a stretch of well-kept and endless road. If anyone wants to know how Nigeria went from grace to grass, there it is. Standards continue to be lowered to assuage the North to no avail.

The North has used the State of Origin law to force the South to live in their own country as foreigners. Southerners work in the North on contracts, if they are hired, to ensure that they stayed on the jobs long enough for the Northern indigenes to be trained to take over from them. Otherwise Northerners prefer hiring expatriates over Southerners.

Going by the law of equal representation, the South should rule Nigeria for another fifty years before the North can rule again, but that may not be the case. The North will continue to agitate, as they have done through all these years with killings and butchering to impose their rule on Nigeria. If the law does not favor them, they will twist and bend it to favor them, or they will create disturbances and distractions to force their will on the rest of the country. The North should go their separate way because they will never win this battle.

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