Who do we Trust?

Still on the abducted girls, news is coming out from all directions about who is to blame for this nefarious action. We have read about the family of the girls being blamed for not releasing the names of the girls. Doesn’t the school have a roster? Or was that just a ploy for killing time? Amnesty now tells us that the government was warned four hours before the miscreants struck. We know that the government did nothing about this warning.
Powerful Muslim leaders, whom we suspect as being the sponsors and protectors of the group, are now dissociating themselves openly from this monster that they created. This is simply telling us that they have lost control of the group. They should also tell us how they plan to diffuse this bomb that they created, which now has a mind of its own.

The North has earned the mistrust of the whole country. Not that we trusted each other before, but now, it is very clear that although these assaults take place in the North, they are very selective. The marauders know who, where, and when to strike. Even now, their informants know where the girls are but they are not talking. Someone is shopping, cooking and feeding these girls, and still they claim they do not know where they are. And they want the world to believe that Boko Haram is not about the Muslim religion.

They know, because they have this secret way of dissemination information among themselves. In townships in the South where they work as gatemen and night watchmen, you see them always with short wave radios. The radio tells them when to move and when to stay. Anytime there is serious trouble in the North involving the killing of Southerners, the next day all the Northerner in the South will be gone. They know.

We are learning that the government is delaying in giving permission for the use of drones to fish out the hideout of these hoodlums. First, the government knows that they cannot fight this battle, they said that themselves, so why delay? If they want America to help, they should allow America to help, without obstructions, without further delays, the clock is ticking for those girls, and every minute is vital.

Thank God that the world has taken notice, thank God for the outcry. Boko Haram menace did not start with the abduction of the girls. The hoodlums have always chosen important Christian events to release their mayhem on the Christians, and have always gotten away with it. No one has ever been held responsible for their actions. Even now, with the escalation of their action in abducting the girls, no one will be held responsible, because the actual people behind these actions have no faces, are cowards who will never have the courage to accept their responsibility openly, or face the world. Cowards! These are people who hide behind women and children to do evil.

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