Let No One Take This Lightly!

Our Ancestors are now at war with Boko Haram! People may think that this is a joke, but Boko Haram should be warned. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that the sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. Similarly, our Ancestors say that a sin against Mother Earth cannot be forgiven. Boko Haram has sinned against Mother Earth! Taking those girls as they did, and who knows what God forsaken things they are doing to those girls, has angered our Ancestors, and they will seek, are already seeking revenge!

Today, it is our traditional hunters that have been stirred to action. Tomorrow, we do not know what or who Mother Earth will stir. The gods do not need us humans to fight their battle, just as God does not need His creatures to fight His battle. It is in the Scriptures, the one I know and read, the Bible. They have their own equivalent to the Bible, the Quran. I will like them to show the world where in it that their god told them to fight his battle, worshippers of a blood sucking god!

The ground you are standing on will rise against you, all the elements of the earth will encircle and gore you! You have lost your sleep!! You have no hiding place!!!

The girls, no matter what, are living Saints. You have already done your worse; and nothing can be worse than what you have already done and are doing to those girls. You and your sponsors will be visited a hundred fold, times hundred with what each of those girls are going through. Our Ancestors are angry, and woe on you when this happens. We are waiting to hear the outcome of this, the outcome of your madness. When that time comes, your blood thirsty god will not be able to help you, talk less of giving you protection, or making you martyrs as you believe. But then the devil has saints and martyrs; blood guzzlers from hell!

The Devil will never defeat God!

About the Nigerian Army … that will be for another day.

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