They Have Struck Again!

While the world is waiting for news, any news about the abducted 276 school girls, the Boko Haram is simply going about their business of killing and maiming, daring anyone to stop them, but they will be stopped!.
The Nigerian Army is shamelessly claiming that their inability to stop the deadly surge of the Boko Haram is because Boko Haram is more equipped than the Army. And we should believe this?!

Nigeria is a country where daylight thievery has become normal occurrence. The thieves snatch with boldness and with grinta (aggression) as if the law permits it. Boko Haram at the beginning were a bunch of ragamuffins, who were armed with weapons obtained largely from the military or the police, just as the armed robbers were mostly armed by the police. These are open secrets. It is also an open secret that the government is constantly arming the military. It will be to the peril of the government if she does not arm the military. Where do these arms, the better arms, the more sophisticated ones go? The military started arming Boko Haram from the onset, and they are still arming Boko Haram.

The government and especially the President himself is now a hostage of the Nigerian military, which is still made up of two thirds of the Northerners. The North has always frowned at equal representation in the military. So they have the knife, and they have the yam, as the Igbos say. In other words, they have the guns and they deal with the country as they choose. They have always blackmailed the country into doing their every whim.

Boko Haram is the brain child of the Northern Oligarchy that uses the military to fuel and oil Boko Haram. Whom are they fooling? The Nigerian Military would have the arms to quell Boko Haram if they wanted to. But the fact is that they use Boko Haram to covertly fight against the rest of the country. They give Boko Haram the better arms, and Boko Haram goes off and kills the Christians. How very convenient! Then they cry wolf, telling the world that they have no arms to fight Boko Haram.

They have been armed. They have always been armed, but they have chosen to let Boko Haram to do the dirty job for them. They too are liable! The lying thieves! The Nigerian Army should have been dissolved and re-constituted with new blood after Nigeria went democratic. Since that was not done, the army is still filled with the same old crooks who are still fleecing the country, as well as holding the country in a strangle hold.
Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is still alive today because the North knows that his death will trigger an all-out civil war, but he has been tied hands and feet and held hostage. I bleed for Nigeria.

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