The Prayer!

As a Christian, I have been taught that when all hope seems to be lost, I should turn to no other than God. I have also experienced this wonder working God in action. Twice, I found myself in the deepest of deep, in that place where you come face to face with the evil one. He sat there laughing and mocking me, daring me to even think that I could get out of his hold.

In this deepest of deep, you lose control over body, mind and soul. The evil one takes over control and tries to isolate you from anything that will shine the light toward you, because light is where God is, so he tries to block that light. You are so helpless that you cannot even call for help, not on God’s help, unless you are a deeply rooted Christian, or you have deeply rooted Christians praying for you.
I felt thousand hands from the dark pulling me deeper into the dark, then the fear of being lost forever gave me the strength of crying out the name of God for help, and in lightning speed, a hand moved in and pulled me out; the hand of God.

Our girls are today in their deepest of deep. My prayer, and I believe the prayer of many around the world, for them is that at the last point of each of them losing it all, the hand of God will manifest and pull each of them out from their deepest of deep, no matter their very different circumstances, or the different ways they are being molested.

When this is all over, and it shall all come to pass, we shall have testimonies! God answers prayers.

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