The Waiting Is Killing!!!

Thirty nine days gone! The waiting is killing me. If I feel this way, what will the parents of these girls be feeling? What will the girls be feeling? We know that eventually, these miscreants will be caught, destroyed, and completely wiped out. They know too that their fate will match if not surpass their actions, but will their annihilation (that is what I wish them), make up for all that they have done?

The fact that they believe that they can get away with all this, because they have so far been getting away with it, shows simply that we are dealing with animals, with no conscience, no feelings, no sense of responsibility. If they were ever humans, then too much bloodshed has turned them into non-humans. I will not be surprised if they go as far as drinking the blood of their victims. Some of these cult members do. We know that some of them drink blood cocktails before and after their killing and maiming expeditions. If they feed blood to a blood thirsty god, they too must be blood drinkers.

Just as we are still in mourning for the plight of our 276 girls, they are out every day still spilling blood. They are blood intoxicated, and I suspect that they do not know anymore what they are doing. Their sponsors have lost control of them, and they have lost control of themselves. What a deadly situation!
They will be caught, and our girls will return. I have committed the girls into God’s Hands. Although we want them back “Thirty nine days ago,” which means, that their abduction should never have happened, God is in control of their situation now, and He will deliver them. Let us continue to pray for them. Pray without ceasing!

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