Day 40

I was browsing the world news today to see how the world is holding up the Chibok Abducted School Girls, when I came across the article of Osita Ebiem titled: CHIBOK ABDUCTION: IGBO GOVERNORS MUST LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE THEIR FIGHT.

The Nigerians, and in fact, the whole world have very short memory when it comes to war. Otherwise, why should war be repeatedly used to solve world problems? History has not taught us anything; that war has never solved problems, rather war has always created more problems.

Nigeria fought a three year war that lasted from 1968-1971, a war that was triggered by happenings similar to those of the Boko Haram of today. They pushed the country to the brim that time; correction – they pushed a section of the country to the brim, and that section fought back. It almost destroyed the entity we know today as Nigeria. I am sure everyone if familiar with the Biafran war. The wounds left by that experience are still wide open. The Igbos are still waiting for reparation!

I strongly agree with Osita Ebiem, that whatever is happening to Nigeria today, especially with regard to the 276 abducted girls, is not isolated. It is a continuation, a repetition, of what we have been through before. If care is not taken, and I have warned about this before, the Boko Haram’s incursions will drag the country again into war, the bitterest of war this time, with factions fighting for their different agendas; some simply for greed, some for survival, and some for revenge.

The time has passed when the whole South differed to the North, and when the North claimed and took whatever they fancied. The time has come for the truth to be spoken. Every Nigerian has a right to live and feel free in their own country; anywhere in their own country. Boko Haram wants the whole nation to live in fear of them, but they are the ones afraid, or they will not be hiding in holes, and striking their victims at night, in their sleep. They will be defeated!

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