Day 42!!

Let us tackle this issue about the poverty in the Northern part of Nigeria. Looking at the North and the South of Nigeria, it would seem that the North is the dis-advantaged one. A closer look, and a better knowledge of the facts, will show the obvious.

The Northern and Southern governors receive the same yearly allocations for development in their various States. In the South, you can see that there are some developments, not as much as would be expected, but each governor makes the effort to put something down during their tenure, no matter how small. Some do much more. I have mentioned the case of the governor of Lagos who has gone above and beyond in cleaning up and beautifying Lagos.
In the South too, we have the different Christian denominations competing amongst themselves in building schools and even universities, this in addition to the ones provided by the federal government. Philanthropists also lend their pulses in building schools and universities.

Not so in the North. The allocations to the Northern governors do not go for State development, they are shared out for the upkeep of the Lords, and whatever trickles down is used largely to pay perhaps, the salaries of the civil servants, the police, but largely for the security of the Lords. Almost all developments in the North are the ones done by the Federal government. If the Northern Lords knew how to capture all of the Federal money intended for their State, because I know they capture some of it, they will use that also for their upkeep and security.

Instead of building schools in the North, they destroy schools. The few standing schools and universities are those built by the Federal government. Mission schools are destroyed, and Philanthropists are careful not to waste their money building schools that will be destroyed.

The poverty of the North is a self-inflicted poverty, and the South should not be made to look as they caused it. The Lords want their people to remain poor so that they can continue to control and exploit them. Imagine,… the richest men in Nigeria are Northerners, so what stops them from doing more for their people? They suppress education in the North because the Lords know that education will free their vast poor and open their eyes to reject their life’s conditions.

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