Day 43!!!

The Nigerian Military tells us that they know where the girls are, but are not telling. They fear that the girls will all be killed if they reveal their whereabouts.

The Nigerian President refuses to make a deal with the terrorists that will exchange the girls for the terrorists in custody.

This is one dilemma delaying the return of the girls. It is a single dilemma because the two happen to be linked. At other times, when the matter is not about life or death, I will side with the President for not bending to the demands of the terrorists. Not this time. I would plead with him to do whatever it takes to get those girls back safely. If that means dealing with the murderers, he should go ahead and do so, and leave the fight for another day. He should not give these miscreants the excuse to shed more blood. He must remember that we are not dealing with humans, but with animals, with no heart, and no conscience. Any wrong move from him that will bring harm to those girls will be his downfall.

Backing down this time does not show weakness on his part, it simply shows that he knows what his priorities are. And this time, they should be for the safety of our girls.
Today is day 43!!! The world is waiting and watching.

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