Day 47!!!!!!!

Look at how much time has passed. I am still counting. I am not sure that the girls will be counting too. For in their place, it will not make any difference whether it is day or night, it may just be better to forget that there are days and nights. This could be the only way that they can bear the torture. They may be living in this daze like condition, living each day not knowing what the next day will bring, thinking that the whole world has given up on them, and resigning themselves to their fate.

But we will never forget. I will never forget, not now not after, not ever. Those girls … they are marked for life, and who can ever expect them to forget? That is, if they survive it. Because from the time they are released and returned, their real problems will begin. They will need to be gradually brought back to life, so that they can live again. They will need to believe again in themselves and in others. It will be tough for them, but nothing can compare with what they could be going through now.

Are these miscreants even listening? Are they even reasoning? Well, whether they are listening or not, whether they can reason or not, the time is nearing when those girls will become too much of a liability for them, if they are not that already. After 47 days this whole saga could possibly not be fun for them many more.

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