Day 46!!!!!!

I pray every day that I or anyone I know will never find ourselves in the predicament of those abducted girls. It must be hell. This is why I pray for them every day, and I have resolved to hold them up in prayer every day until they return. A person in bondage, forcefully captured like an animal, against their will, is a person who has lost, not just their freedom, but also their will to pray.

When a thief steals from a person, we call it an invasion of privacy, what should we call it, when a thief steals a person? I will call it the dehumanization of a human. This is a crime against humanity, and Boko Haram and their sponsors will be dealt with the same way they have been dealings out to others. The law of Karma is real. It does not go one way. It goes and it must return. My prayer is that when it returns, it should be a hundred fold. No human has the right to dehumanize another human. The gods forbid it, and our God abhors it.

This drama must not be allowed to fizzle out, or go down into oblivion as if it never happened. We must never forget that it happened, and we must make sure that it never happens again. Boko Haram must be stopped!

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