Day 49!!!!!!!!!

News coming out of Nigeria today does not show evidence that the abducted girls will be returned soon. The government officials are still dragging their feet, still baffled at how to effect the release of these girls. There are even talks about the rape of these girls by their abductors. We know for sure that this will happen. There are also talks about whether these girls will keep any pregnancies resulting from such rapes.

To me, this is like putting the cart before the mule. These girls are still in captivity, and all the government is concerned about is how to rehabilitate them. This is Nigeria for you; this is the mentality of the ruling class, always looking for how to distract attention from the main issue.

Please Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan, bring those girls back now first, and after that, only after that can you begin to know how to rehabilitate them. Anything not geared towards the release of those girls is only begging the issue, and showing how gravely incompetent your government is, not that we don’t know that already. Just think of it, 49 days in a hell hole …Very disturbing! No more excuses, just bring those girls back!

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