Day 50! ………

Although Boko Haram is no more the front line news, they are still parading around killing burning down homes, whole towns, and maiming. They want to remain current and relevant in the news, but I pray the world to call their bluff and ignore them. While ignoring them, may those who are charged with finding and returning those girls not relent in their efforts.

Boko Haram may believe that they can use the seizure of those girls to gain more ground in forcing the North of Nigeria as whole in becoming Moslems. Other blood thirsty groups before them have tried it but failed. They too will fail. In the end, both their sponsors and their remnants will see what a colossal waste of life, time, money and setback, their madness has caused. How can people be so myopic? In this twenty first century, a bunch of ignorant fools want to throw the whole country back into the eighteenth century or even further back.

Our girls will return, this I know for sure, and Boko Haram will go the same way others before it went, into oblivion. And they will go carrying the weight of their sin with them…to hell, and their creators, protectors, and sponsors with them.

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