Day 55! …………..

World news seems to have gone stale on the Nigerian abducted school girls. Recent news either repeats what we already know, or simply lectures us on what could have been. While I understand that it is a good thing to keep the fate of these girls alive by continually talking about it until the girls are returned, at this point we want to see results. The Nigerian government must not be allowed to push the problems of these girls to the back burner, it must always remain in the forefront, must always remain a priority.

So, let us keep talking about them so that their predicament will not fizzle out and die. Even their abductors are making all efforts to relegate their abduction, by going on daily onslaughts, which they hope will divert attention from the girls, but they will fail as long as we continue to shine the light on the girls. The government too must know that failure to resolve the matter of these girls will tarnish their image even deeper. This could be the chance for them to begin to redeem themselves. The President should realize that because this has happened under his watch, he will be held responsible.

276 missing girls cannot be brushed off like nothing happened, as in everything else. Not this time.

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