Day 54! ………….

Every day, I scan the news hoping to find some encouraging news about the abducted girls, and today like every other day, nothing. Just the same silence and the occasional and very rare word from a Nigerian government official telling us what they continue to say, that they know where the girls are. We heard this same statement over a month ago from the Military who did nothing about it, and we continue to hear it without anything happening.

By now, one would think that if they really know where those girls are, they would have made a move one way or the other. We don’t hear news about any moves made, or any actions taken, but we continue to hear the Military and the authorities telling us that they know where the girls are.

I am one of those who have always believed that the whereabouts of those girls are known. Read my earlier blogs. Actions like the ones engaged by Boko Haram cannot be sustained unless there are people from within the country, people who now believe that they are so powerful, that they are more powerful than God Himself, who know where those girls are. The question is, for how much longer, and for what gain? I can only see destruction, and nothing constructive.

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